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Hooray! Jesus Gives Sarah Strength!

Today is a praise-Jesus day, and this week is a praise-Jesus week! Do you ever look at your to-do list and wonder how you’ll ever muster the energy and desire to accomplish just one item? The last few weeks have been like that for me; I don’t really know why, but I have a hankering that I wasn’t leaning solely on Jesus for my strength.

My friends and I have been working through a leadership study, and in our most recent material, we discussed God’s calling on our lives, and as I worked through the materials, God’s calling for my life finally became clear! It’s this! It’s the Internet, it’s Web 2.0, it’s blogging. More specifically, it’s equipping others to use the World Wide Web in their ministries. It’s been following me around in some form or fashion for years, but God has finally let me figure it out! W00t!

What does this look like? Good question! And I’ve been praying about it. As I’ve been dreaming and planning and praying, God has shown me just how independent I’ve become, and I’ve finally realized that if this is going to happen at all, I have to be completely dependent on him; otherwise, I’ll never have the desire or energy to accomplish what he has for me. And this week, while it could’ve been especially draining, has been awesome because God is helping me to make a concentrated effort on calling on Jesus for strength. And you know what? He’s given it to me!

What do I have up my sleeve? You’ll see. Last weekend, I took some steps to get the ball rolling on this project, and in the next month or two, I’ll officially announce it. Let’s just say, I’m uber-excited, but wow, this is gonna take a lot of faith! I’ll keep you posted…


3 thoughts on “Hooray! Jesus Gives Sarah Strength!

  1. Wow….praise God (and congratulations) for finally knowing what God is putting in front of you. It gives encouragement to the rest of us who still have God’s Mighty Blindfold over our eyes because it’s not time to see what He has planned for us yet.

    Blogging can be a very powerful tool to change lives. I’ll be interested to see where you go from here.

  2. God’s been gently leading you to this revelation for a while, hasn’t he? 🙂

    I’m so excited to see the surprise you have for us…

  3. @Jason I recommend reading the Catalyst Groupzines. My friends and I are going through the first volume, and it’s been really helpful in understanding leadership and looking for God’s call on my life.

    @Linden No doubt! It’s been going on at least since my junior year of college, maybe even longer if I thought hard enough about it!

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