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Bibliomania Hits

Bibliomania hits SarahJoAustin.comLast week, I wrote about my obsessive book collecting and my compulsive reading habits, and wouldn’t you know a great little post from Daily Writing Tips came through with a post for book lovers!

That’s right, they define all our favorite words that find their roots in the Greek word biblion: bibliography, bibliographer, bibliographic, bibliographical, bibliotheca, bibliolatry, bibliomania, bibliotaphe, biblioklept, bibliopole, and bibliomancy. I checked my American Heritage Dictionary, and the only words they left out were bibliofilm, bibliotherapy, and bibliotics, but they don’t have much to do with book loving.

Hope you enjoy learning about bibliomania as much as I do! Maybe one day I’ll get a book review or two up here…


2 thoughts on “Bibliomania Hits

  1. Sarah:

    I too am a Barnes and Noble-aholic. Thanks for the reference to Daily writing tips and the Greek lesson. The ministry I work for hosts Run to the Lights. Do you still use your gmail email?

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