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Keep an eye on the cat and another on the frying pan.

Life is starting to return to normal around the Austin household. Today we left Mowgli out while we were at work, and since both cats were still alive and the house was still standing when I got home, I assume they got along pretty well. This weekend, we’ll start combining their “facilities” and see if they can eat and drink from the same dishes.

Ravi, smart cat that he is, has a new sleeping location. He has figured out that Mowgli is not a good jumper, so he likes to go to “higher ground” and look down on Numero Dos. The laundry room—atop the washer and dryer—is one place he likes to retreat; just yesterday, he found a laundry basket full of laundry and has made that his new default napping place. It’s up high, quiet, and most importantly, Mowgli can’t reach him there.

We’ve noticed that Mowgli has a thing for human food, particularly orange juice, buttered popcorn, and spaghetti. Every time we sit down to eat, he hops up on our laps to smell the food, but it doesn’t stop there. He insists on putting his nose in our plates and glasses until we are finished or until we’ve pushed him away with some subtle convincing. We’ll definitely have to teach him that he’s being rude and replace his actions with good manners.

He goes to the vet tomorrow for shots. He still has a little kitty cold. It was pretty gross last week; he sneezed all the time, and once his snot landed on the remote control and another time it got all over his face (and he licked it off). Yuck! Anyway, this trip to the vet is just to get him checked out (and I’m sure he wants to see all his lady friends there, too).

Keep an eye on the cat and another on the frying pan.” — proverb


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