A Fool of Myself

No matter how much the cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.

Well, we survived the weekend, and more importantly, the cats did, too. On Friday, we made the addition to the family official and gave Numero Dos his Austin christening: Mowgli.

I was off work on Friday, so the cats and I stayed home all day. By that time, I felt pretty comfortable letting Mowgli out of the office and letting him roam about the house on his own while I was home, and for most of the weekend, we let him out whenever we were home and not sleeping. Mowgli was fine with this arrangement; Ravi, not so much.

Here’s how the weekend pretty much went: We let Mowgli out, and he would immediately seek out Ravi. They would go around in circles growling and hissing at one another, and then they would separate for a bit. After a time, Mowgli would hunt down Ravi by sneaking up on him–sometimes while he was eating, sometimes while he was napping, sometimes while he was in the litter box. Ravi would eventually be caught off guard, and he would hiss and growl at Mowgli, and the whole process would start again. By the end of the weekend, Mowgli started chasing Ravi around the house, and Ravi would retreat to one of his safe places. And the growling and hissing intensified.

It’s Monday night, and we still haven’t established who the top cat will be. On one hand, Mowgli is kinda aggressive toward Ravi and is instigating the trouble, but on the other hand, Ravi is bigger, older, and has sharper claws (Mowgli’s have been trimmed). So I think either of them could be top cat, but I’m sort of cheering for Ravi because he’s my “first-born” of sorts. He just needs to grow a pair (and yes, I recognize the irony).

No matter how much the cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.” — Abraham Lincoln