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Mother Joins Sheriff's Posse, Makes Daughter Roll Eyes

I took a little spring break earlier in March to go home and visit my family. Ah, family. Yes, mine is as crazy as the next, but I think this takes the cake: My mother has joined the sheriff’s posse.

My experience with the sheriff’s posse is slim; namely, I remember seeing them at events like rodeos and demolition derbies sitting astride their horses and ensuring that drunken chaos never ensued. Apparently, as I’ve been corrected, the sheriff’s posse does more than what I’ve described. If activated by the sheriff, they have the “authority” of the Henry County Sheriff’s Department and can take action—whatever that means. More than likely, if they’re activated, they’ll be called upon to do sweeps and searches and such.

So Mom (and my aunt and uncle) filled out their applications and were approved by the sheriff, which is no surprise to me because my mom has been on the HCSD’s A list since I was a kid:

  • We moved out of town when I was in first grade, and during the week, my dad worked away from home, so it was just Mom, Jacob, and me in our house and just a handful of neighbors on our dead-end road. At the time, the 100-year-old cemetery on the corp ground just two miles behind our house was the party scene for local carousers, and the unusual amount of traffic generated by weekend parties prompted Mom to call the sheriff’s department time after time until local partiers got tired of fleeing from law enforcement every weekend. At some point, they found a new party spot, and Mom could sleep peacefully.
  • In 2003, Mom’s daughter dated the deputy sheriff for about six months, and Mom got to know him pretty well. Now they’re on a first-name basis.
  • In 2007, Mom was chosen by the sheriff to serve on a grand jury for a high-profile (for Henry Co. anyway) manslaughter case.
  • And just this winter, Mom got a late-night visit from a pair of deputies who were looking for a stray teenage girl (who had been with friends at the cemetery when they abandoned her and who made her way to Mom’s house in the middle of the night).

At first, I thought this whole sheriff’s posse escapade was just another excuse for Mom to take her horse Duke out (after all, they get ride in local parades)—and part of me still thinks that’s an alternative motive—but it’s fun to see Mom do something a little out of the ordinary. Of course, this doesn’t surprise me—she’s always marched to the beat of a different drummer, and that’s probably why I do, too. I have an excellent example to follow!


One thought on “Mother Joins Sheriff's Posse, Makes Daughter Roll Eyes

  1. What you are forgetting dear one, or maybe don’t know, is that this sherriff “Thing” is generational! Your grandmother, mom of said aunt and mother, was awarded the “Outstanding Citizen” Award in the mid-70’s for helping “chase” down and convict a notorious group of thieves in the area! I guess it’s in the blood. Do you want me to go ahead and contact your sheriff’s department and sign you up now or will you wait until it hits you during middle life?

    Love you bunches,

    “THE” Aunt!

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