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Man Shoots Hole Through Wall, Kills Wife

One of friends who shall not be named sent me an e-mail yesterday asking if these people were in my family just because they’re from the same area where I grew up. And no, they’re not (but I did have to verify that with my mother last night). They do, however, live just a few miles from where my mother grew up and where my grandparents still live.I admit that I laughed a little when I heard the story: A redneck from backwoods Missouri used his .22 pistol to shoot a hole through a wall while he was installing his satellite dish and accidentally shot his wife. Sounds like something from CSI, doesn’t it? But this woman was a wife and a mother, and she was killed. That’s not funny at all.

So today I’m sort of in this weird mood about this news story. Part of me sincerely hurts for this family because they’ve lost someone who was very special to them. Part of me just wants to shake my head at the stupid things people do. And part of me wants to watch this video again, so I can laugh at myself and say, “I used to date the spokesman for the Henry County Sheriff’s Department!”

That’s right, the guy with the impeccable hair speaking for the HCSD is one in the long line of hearts I broke before settling down and marrying the man of my dreams!


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  1. We just moved into a new house and there are lots of little projects to do. I never though of using a gun instead of a drill, genius. Now if only we had a gun…

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