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That One Thing

Turns out I can’t do everything. I try to do everything, and most of the time, I can do most things pretty well. And if I’m completely clueless, I usually hike up my pants, say to myself, “You’ve got a Master’s degree. You can figure it out,” and give it my best shot.

And that’s how my morning started. By 10:30, the seemingly simple switch from cable to DSL at work had me cursing under my breath. Turns out, I’m not good at networking: computer or social.

Next time, I’ll leave it to the experts (i.e. Ben, the rockin’ LPC intern).


2 thoughts on “That One Thing

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  2. ha, glad I could at least help a little bit, SJ. I was doing a little bit of cursing myself! Hopefully we’ll get it figured out the rest of the way…

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