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For-the-Love-of-Links Friday | 21 March 2008

Well, I’ve done it again and let two weeks pass between link-lovin’s. This week you’ll find some great political pieces, writing tips, and as always, random fun. Enjoy!

  • Worst Easter Candies for Your Waist Let’s start off this week with something to depress you. Just how much Easter candy did you eat this week?
  • Family Friends Race Gender Another great post from David Catanese at KY3. I think we can all relate to skating on thin political ice around friends and family.
  • And You Think You’re Tired of the Democratic Campaign! Just imagine how the Democratic staffers feel! We were supposed to have chosen the Democratic nominee by now, but there’s no end in sight. Can you imagine not taking a day off for months at a time?
  • California Parents Don’t Have the Right to Homeschool Their Children Did you here about this recent ruling from the CA court system? Unless parents are qualified, they’re no longer allowed to homeschool. I have both family and friends that homeschool their kidlings (and they do a fantastic job), so I’ll be keeping tabs on this news story in the future.
  • Would You Confess Your Sins Online I’m not Catholic, but I find this topic fascinating, and much of my research for my thesis involved notions of online religion.
  • Top 80 Church Websites released its list of top 80 church websites this year, and I couldn’t disagree with them more! The sites at the top of their list are Flash-based and not user friendly, but I suppose that a “cool” website trumps usability any day! Who cares if your church website is artsy if your visitors can’t find anything they’re looking for. Hmphf!
  • Why Bloggers Should Moderate All Comments My gal pal Teresa is an avid blogger, and she recommends that bloggers moderate all the comments on their blogs. Good arguments to consider for all bloggers.
  • Verbicide One of my new favorite blogs is the Mighty Red Pen because the blogger is also an editor. Have you seen “verbing” of words around your home? In recent years, Googling, blogging, and texting have all been “verbed.”
  • Nix Those Adjectives and Adverbs This applies to anyone who wants to be a better writer—use plain English and keep your sentences simple. Thanks to the writers over at “So You Want to be Published”!
  • Just Say No to These Three Enemies of Clear and Direct Writing Even though I have two degrees in writing, I’m always thankful for reminders in writing well, and this post from Copyblogger teaches us to say no to metadiscourse, redundancy, and pretentious words.
  • Four-Word Thinking And blogging of clear and direct writing, now is as good a time as any to introduce my new blog: Four-Word Thinking. What can you say with four words?
  • Running Long is a Gift This article from the Runner’s Lounge reminded me that I should be thankful for every mile I run. Running long is indeed a gift, especially when you must limit the miles you go every week.
  • Guinness Petitions to Make St. Patrick’s Day a National Holiday I’m just a teeny bit Irish, but that’s reason enough for me to support the movement to make St. Paddy’s Day a national holiday. Agree with the peeps at Guinness? Sign the petition here.
  • Daylight Savings Time ≠ Energy Savings Time I’m not the only one still recovering from DST; apparently, the promise that moving the DST schedule earlier in the spring and later in the fall isn’t saving the energy as Congress promised, which just goes to show that we shouldn’t let our lawmakers make scientific decisions.

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