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Barnes & Noble Vandalism = Great Deal for Sarah

God really cracks me up sometimes because he uses the most random incidents to teach me lessons. Here was last night’s lesson:

Chris and I went to Financial Peace, where we learned how to negotiate for really great deals. According to Dave Ramsey, everything is negotiable and you should never pay retail for anything. On the way out, Chris and I joked that I would be the negotiator in our family because I sort of enjoy confrontation and like giving people a run for their money.

We head for Barnes & Noble to look for a PHP tutorial. I’m in the middle of a web development project, and I’ve stretched my knowledge of PHP to its limits. We flip through all of the PHP books that are available and finally settle on one that’s mostly a hands-on tutorial. We flip through it once more and find this page:

Barnes & Noble Vandalism

Now we have ourselves a dilemma. This copy of the book is the only copy in the store, and while I don’t have my heart set on it, it is a good opportunity to practice what we’ve just learned at Financial Peace, so I head to the customer service counter. I show the managers the vandalism, and they think it’s pretty funny. I tell them, “I’m sort of interested in this book. Can I take it off your hands for a discount?” They offered to order a fresh copy for me, but I politely told them that I was already a loyal BN customer and that a little writing in a book didn’t matter to me, so they gave me AN EXTRA 20% OFF the book! That’s in addition to my member discount! I saved over 8 buckaroos on my new book!

Regardless of what the vandal said about Barnes & Noble, the folks over at BN really do know how to treat people, and that’s one more reason I’m a loyal customer.


2 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble Vandalism = Great Deal for Sarah

  1. I love it! Plus, I’m proud of you for immediately applying what you learned in Financial Peace. And I gotta commend the B&N managers for good customer service. 🙂

    On an unrelated note, would you mind sharing the title of the book?

  2. Title: PHP for the World Wide Web
    Author: Larry Ulman
    Edition: Second
    Publisher: Peachpit Press
    Year: 2004

    I haven’t done anything from it yet. Will get to that soon…maybe I’ll do a book review.

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