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Good Sleep Comes to Those Who Wait

Last night I slept like an angel, like a baby, like a log, like a woman who’s suffered the effects of Daylight Savings Time for four days. I had already scheduled a vacation day, so I skipped Bible study (oops…didn’t do my homework all week) and slept in.

And now I’m home in Clinton, spending a few days with my family—you know, getting in visits with grandparents, mooching off my parents, and generally being lazy. Heck, I’m even screening my phone calls and enjoying Mom’s semi-high-speed Internet.

Mom and I went to the community center this afternoon to run/walk. I “ran” 3 miles and felt really good. I have a 7-miler plotted out for Saturday; hopefully all will go well.

More later. I must get back to slacking off.


2 thoughts on “Good Sleep Comes to Those Who Wait

  1. Hooray for good sleep! How fun that you exercised with your mom. I hope your 7-miler is great–getting ready for the race we’ll someday run in Clinton, huh? 😀

  2. yay! I’m so glad you’re relaxing! I missed you here, watching What Not to Wear all by my lonesome… but I guess it’s okay since I’m a bit under the weather. Have fun on your run tomorrow! Wear the Reboks with the straps, just for me.

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