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For-the-Love-of-Links Friday | 7 March 2008

I’m not sure where I’ve been the last few weeks. I’ve certainly shared plenty of links, but my blogging has been somewhere over the rainbow. And by that I mean, I’m over here in Missouri—nowhere near Kansas, Munchkin Land, or Oz—and my blogging is as illusive as the wizard himself.

OK. I haven’t been awake long enough to know if that analogy was any good. Usually my analogies are crap, so let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s the stuff worth reading from the last few weeks:

  • Snowballed and CQ Primary Results Two things from the KY3 Political blog: First, David Catanese got snowballed last night during a live broadcast from Arkansas. I was watching, and it was hilarious. Check out the video, but fast forward to the 2/3 mark…that’s when it gets funny. Oh, and he also posted the results of the CG Primary—if we picked celebrities to hold public office, who would we pick?
  • If Paula Can Do It (Running While Pregnant) For the record, I’m not pregnant, though I found out this week that one more friend (this makes six, people) is pregnant. God is preparing Chris and I for the time when we start a family, but until then, I’m reading all I can get my hands on about pregnancy, and this article once again reaffirms that if you’re a runner, running during pregnancy is good for you and the baby.
  • Watch Your Tongue! California Town Goes Swear-Free We talked in Bible study this week about sins we cherish and are reluctant to let go of, and one of mine is my language. Sarcasm aside, I have a bit of a potty mouth—a sin I’m working to repent of. It’s hard to have godly sorrow for something I enjoy so much. It’s a vice, I know. So pray for me as I work through this, oh, and read the article about why a California town banned cussing for a week. (I might just have to give that a try!)
  • Online Shopping Website Runs Amok! Frickin’ awesome. Go to the site, click something, and watch the Flash magic in action.
  • Forget Starbucks! I love Starbucks as much as the next gal, but when I heard about this opportunity to buy great coffee and help a couple adopt a child I couldn’t help but pass the word along! You can help Vince and Alisa raise money for their overseas adoptions by purchasing coffee from the 963 Coffee Project. Excellent!
  • Did You Grow Up With Chelsea Clinton, too? I remember the first time I “saw” Chelsea Clinton. I was in fourth grade and Mrs. Thornton’s class stopped our day to watch President Clinton’s inauguration, and I remember a few comments from my fellow ten-year-olds about how ugly Chelsea was with her poofy hair and braces. She’s since blossomed into quite the well-rounded young woman, and regardless of your politics, you’ll find this article about our most private first-daughter fascinating.
  • Bibliophile’s Favorite Spot I’m a book lover and dream of having a space like this one day.
  • 30-Day Sex Challenge I won’t say if the hubby and I have taken up this challenge, but I found it interesting that this is a church campaign. Apparently, it was so popular the web site exceeded its bandwidth limitations!
  • Semi-Colon in the News I think everyone who reads this blog knows how much I love grammar and punctuation, so I’m awfully glad when semi-colons make the news! Next to the em-dash, they’re my favorite way to manipulate a sentence.
  • Magnetic Curtains Oh, yes, magnetic curtains, my friends. Simply scrunch them and they stay in place—and they look cool, too.
  • The Internet for Dummy Academics I love the guys over at The Scriptorium Daily because they cast an interesting light on religion and culture. Their explanation of the Internet for dummies has nothing to do with religion or culture, but it’s hilarious!

OK, that’s your reading assignment for the week. Enjoy!