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Oh, Shoot! I Missed National Grammar Day!

I put National Grammar Day on my calendar last week, but today was so busy at work (hmm, I got to work an hour late because of snow, I was in meetings all day, and I stayed an hour-and-a-half late to wrap up Tuesday tasks) that I didn’t get to celebrate. Boo!

My gal pal Linden paid tribute to today’s U.S. holiday even though she lives in Germany. In her post, asked readers what their favorite parts of speech were, and off the top of my head—my first instinct here—are articles. That’s right, articles: the, a, an, and some. Why? Well, according to some foreign-language speakers I know and have worked with, English articles are really hard to figure out, and I guess I love them because while they look simple, they’re incredibly complex. Sorta like some other things I love: Rubik’s cubes, running, crocheting, cooking, politics.


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