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I Have the Frickin' Courage to Start…

But will my knee let me finish? That’s right, after another running hiatus, yesterday marked my third attempt at beginning a half/full marathon training plan. And my little, three-mile “run” was pain free last night. That is, after some Aleve and heating muscle massage creme and stretching. And my “running” involved 3/4 lap of running + 1/4 lap of walking for 23 laps at the Y. The running was slow and deliberate and boring. And omigosh, I’m not sure if I can keep up the sheer torture of running slow! Aerobically/cardiovascularly, I feel great. I probably do an 8- or 9-mile run with no problem and be ready for a half-marathon this spring, but I need to ease my knee into this.

My doctor says I have tendonitis in my knee, and everything I’ve read on recovery says to avoid overtraining, to stretch, and to stop any activity that makes it flare up. Well, who know what “overtraining” means? It’s defined on a runner-by-runner basis, so for me, I figure it means taking an extra long time to train for my big races. With that in mind, I started training for my November Springfield Marathon yesterday. That’s right…in February—36 weeks before the race.

Where in the world did I find such a training plan? I made it myself (with the help of Mr. Higdon. I used his two novice marathon plans and interlaced them. With the mileage plan from him, I made the fourth run of the week optional (if I don’t run, I cycle), and I added Tone to the Max (strength/cross training) and Yoga for Athletes (stretching) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wanna see it?

By taking 36 weeks to train for this marathon, I can take a week off if my knee flares up and not be too far behind on my training. If all goes well, I can still be ready for a (very slow) half marathon in April or May. Or I can do some 5- and 10Ks this summer.

It sucks that I have take everything so slow and easy because my heart and lungs are telling me to work harder and go faster, but if I want to be running for the next 40 years, I need to get better and establish good discipline now. Ugh!


3 thoughts on “I Have the Frickin' Courage to Start…

  1. Yay! I am so glad that you’ve got a training plan laid out! I think it looks great, and I loved reading that you want to be running for the rest of your life. Sounds good to me. 🙂

  2. Running slow does suck for sure. I did it most of November, December, and January…plus I added in some cycling. So far it has helped me in my spring season as I’m gearing up for a marathon. Be patient – it will all come together!

  3. I do think thats probably the idea – taking more time. This way you build mileage slowly (which will help with the knee) and can take time off when it flares up. I got tendonitis when training for Chicago, took it easy and made sure to rest/ice/compress/elevate and I was totally fine. Its something that you can work past without a problem, just dont overuse it while you are trying to recover. And as for overuse … your knee will tell you when you are doing it 😉

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