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100-Mile / 8-Week Challenge: Week 7

How disappointing. Last week, I was just seven miles away from my goal, and I didn’t meet it this week! The ice storm ruined my chances of getting out of my neighborhood and my mother-in-law’s house Monday and Tuesday, and then I came down with a cold that first settled in my chest before moving to my head. Because of that, the only running that happened was from my nose. Hmm…how many miles has my nose run this week? No sweat on the goal. I’ll meet it this week for sure!

I’m back at work today, but I still don’t feel 100%. I’m probably pushing 80–85% with a major attitude problem. There’s nothing like coming in to work to find your office trashed—chalk another one up to sharing my office with 300 people on Sundays. It really wasn’t trashed, but at least 10 different things weren’t in the right place: the trash can, the stapler, a magnet, chairs, the tissue box, etc. And then I went into the kitchen to make my oatmeal, and it was a mess. Crushed animal crackers on the floor, an open package of cookies—it’s no wonder we have a rat problem around here. I just don’t understand why people can’t take ownership of their own church. I mean, I would never go to someone’s home and leave things worse than I found them! I understand that sometimes we don’t feel like we should throw something away (that’s a big problem around here) because “someone” “might” “need” “it” (sarcasm emphasized), but geez, grow a pair and throw your crap away!

Some of us have joked that we should let the church go to crap by not bringing in our out-sourced cleaning peeps in for a month. Then people would see that, “Hey, if I don’t pick up my trash, no one else is going to do it for me, and when I get to church next week, I’ll have to sit in my own filth.” That is, if they even notice. I’m not saying people are stupid, but let’s face it, we’re all a little self-obsessed even on Sunday mornings at church, and in the haste of making plans for lunch and finding our kids who are running around wreaking havoc on the rest of the building, we forget to put things back where we found them, throw our trash away, and generally leave things better than they were before.

Ugh! I hate venting like this, but I don’t want to be the passive-aggressive office manager with the sign, “Your mom doesn’t work here. Clean up after yourself.” posted in her office. That’s all the soapboxing I have for today…


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  1. You really should trying running on the trails sometime – it would probably do your knee some good. It’s much softer and more forgiving to run the trails. And for me, running on the trails is like worshiping – running through all of God’s handiwork is pretty cool. Then throw in a sermon or Caedmon’s Call, Rich Mullins, Chris Rice, etc on your ipod and it’s an awesome experience!

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