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Ice Storm Update: Back at Home & Work

Well, the ice is finally melting, and Chris and I were finally able to escape his mom’s house this morning. I say escape sarcastically because Martha is awesome! We have this great king-sized bed to sleep in at her house, and she has more food in her pantry than will ever fit in my kitchen. And her cooking is unbelievable. And of course, she has cable and a big-screen TV that we like, too.

Ravi, our black cat, was a bit anti-social this morning when we got home. Leaving him home was the best for him, but he was lonely and hungry this morning and quite unhappy that we had to turn around and leave for work. He’ll get extra tuna treats and snuggle time tonight.

I’m coming down with the flu, methinks. It’s all in my chest, and I feel like crap. But I’m at work anyway since I didn’t come in on Monday or Tuesday. Luckily, I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow for my knee, so I can have the doc check on my lungs, too. I’m doped up on DayQuil this afternoon, so things are a bit fuzzy.

That said, I’ll probably not work out the rest of this week. Rest and fluids are on my agenda. Plus, that will give my knee a few more days of rest.

No big plans for Valentine’s Day. We might go to dinner this weekend, but I imagine we might just stay in and enjoy being at home. Even though I’m married, I’m still not a fan of this holiday, but I still like doodles from my hubby:

P.S. And yes, that’s Ravi in the middle dreaming of tuna treats.


3 thoughts on “Ice Storm Update: Back at Home & Work

  1. I hope you start feeling better soon! Enjoy the rest!I LOVE the picture from Chris. I can’t believe he can do stuff like that…too cool.

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