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This Just In: Born Again Voters No Longer Favor Republican Candidates

The Barna Group issued a press release this morning that summarizes the results of its latest study. Here are the highlights:

One of the most reliable constituencies of the Republican Party in recent years has been born again Christians. A new national survey of likely voters conducted by The Barna Group, however, shows that the Republicans have lost the allegiance of many born again voters. The November election is truly up for grabs – and if the election were held today, most born again voters would select the Democratic Party nominee for president, whoever that might be (1).

In the last several elections, the born-again population has supported the Republican candidate and have “represented about half of the total number of votes cast in the U.S.” (3). In past races, the evangelicals (a subset of born-agains) have quickly aligned with the Republican party, but this year just 45% say they would support the Republican nominee (9). This means that “the born-again and evangelical vote is up for grabs” (15).

Barna concludes with this:

Today we have a greater proportion of faith-driven voters who are concerned about issues that are often thought of as ‘liberal’ social policy concerns, such as poverty and health care. Abortion and family protection remain significant issues to the faith constituency, but they are not the only issues that matter to the group – or even the driving issues. Relying upon traditional stereotypes of born again or evangelical voters will not serve candidates well this year (16).

It is so good to know that I’m not the only evangelical Christian in this world who is ready to turn her back on the Republican Party! Sometimes I wish I could close my eyes and follow them, but I just can’t do that anymore. Technically, I’m still an independent, but I’m voting for a Democrat in Missouri’s primary tomorrow. Who? Well, it’s still hard to say since my golden boy John Edwards punked out last week.

And if you’re one of those lucky people who gets to participate in Super Tuesday tomorrow, VOTE! Men and women have died for you to have that right; the least you can do is honor them with your voice.

OK, I’m done being political and am stepping down from my soap box. More later…


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