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100-Mile / 8-Week Challenge: Week 5

Only three weeks of this challenge left, and I only have 29 miles left! That’s right, I’m up to 71 miles. Thank you, cycling class!

And it looks like I’ll be in cycling class a little more often in the next few days (or weeks). I had an excellent six-miler Saturday afternoon and probably could have gone another mile or two, but my knee flared up again. Pooh.

So I have a new game plan:

  1. First, find out what’s wrong with said knee by going to the doctor. Get whatever x-rays, MRIs, etc. that are necessary and suck up the price tag.
  2. Second, rehab like crazy and follow doctor’s orders. Find a good physical therapist if necessary.
  3. Third, get happy with Plan B. I might not be able to run the half-marathon in April, but I can go and cheer for Sarah (I already have signs). I will likely be spending a lot of time in cycling class, which will get me ready for the MS 150 in September. So far, cycling has not hurt my knee. Actually, the only thing that hurts my knee is running.
  4. Fourth, be content with the outcome. I asked the Lord to break me back in the summer, and he certainly didn’t pick the way I wanted. He took away Linden (stupid Germany), and he is messing with my running; however, I am going to rejoice in my trials even if I feel like the whole world is crashing around me.

That said, my “training plan” this week looks like this:

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 40-minute cycling class
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 60-minute Tone to the Max class + 45-minute Yoga for Athletes class
  • Saturday: Hmm, we’ll see. Maybe it’ll be nice enough that I can ride my bike outside.

In a related knee note, I wonder if bad knees are hereditary? My dad has had arthroscopic surgery for torn menisci for both his knees, one grandpa has had one knee replaced, and the other has had both knees replaced. I’d like to think that the manual labor they do/did (i.e. climbing on and off construction equipment and crawling under houses) is really the problem. Since I don’t do either of those things, I hope I’m not destined for knee problems, too.

OK, I’ve rambled way to much for one little post. More later…