Et Al

For-the-Love-of-Links Friday | 1 February 2008

Again, I’m a day late on the link lovin’, but at least I’m sticking to my commitment to share what I’ve been reading, right? Here goes nothing…

Kansas City Tornado Policy
My friend Maggie wrote this note on Facebook this week, so unless you have a Facebook account, the link won’t do much for you. Her Kansas City Weather Procedure was so funny, I had to include it:

Weather Update Procedure

In case of possible tornadoes sweeping through the State of Missouri, we ask that all Missourians take shelter at Arrowhead Stadium. We are certain that a touchdown will not occur there. Thank you for your cooperation.

I love the Kansas City Chiefs as much as anyone, but let’s deal with reality and just say it: The Chiefs suck.

Should You Vote On Super Tuesday?
It’s no secret that I enjoy politics, so when I took the quiz at I certainly didn’t think I would fail. Apparently I do better at recognizing celebrities than I do at recognizing politicians, but in my defense, I don’t think it’s fair that the quiz is based on pictures…I listen to the radio, for crying out loud!

Improv at Grand Central Station
This is totally random, but totally awesome! Over 200 Improve Everywhere agents freeze at Grand Central Station at the exact same time and stay that way for five minutes. This video highlights the escapade. You’ll love it!

Running Blog Shout Outs
This week, FrayedLaces and RunningTwig had posts that I loved. FrayedLaces explained the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Runners” and Running Twig identifies the 31 things she’s thankful for on her 31st birthday. What a great idea for all of us!

More next week, and maybe I’ll get them posted on Friday!