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Super Power Smoothie {Recipe}

I love this smoothie recipe because it has the extra protein that I find my daily diet lacking and its versatile. Any juice/fruit/yogurt combinations that I can think of are possible! So give it a try, and let me know if you all like it!

1/2 C juice
1/2 C fruit—fresh or canned (I think oranges or bananas work best)
1 C fruit—frozen (I’m a big fan of berries)
1 C yogurt—plain or flavored
1 scoop protein powder (vanilla probably tastes the best, but chocolate works too)
2 t. honey

Blend the juice, yogurt, protein powder, and honey, and make sure the protein powder mixes in well. Add the fruit and blend well.

Need flavor suggestions? I’m a personal fan of pomegranate juice, frozen mixed berries, an orange, and vanilla yogurt.

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  1. I just got caught up reading your blog…and I wanted to respond to the one from I think the 17th or 18th..if I were you, I would cut out the speedwork and just focus on the miles. Jumping into speedwork and hills too soon is what got me hurt twice last year. XC is great for me, but speedwork was too much. I have really come to believe that speedwork is valuable, but only after you have a 2-3 year base of running. I know that sounds like a long time….but that is just my two cents. Keep up the good work!

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