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#93: A man's health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.

Bear with me. My coverage of this week’s Y classes will explain to you why I need advice.

I really liked Wednesday’s cycling class in the it’s-horrible-awesome kind of way. It was horrible because it hurt me, but it was awesome because I rode 9.4 miles. We did several “running” intervals during the class, and when the instructor said, “We’ll be focusing on running today,” I was thrilled because I know I can run. Well, it turns out that bike running is a heckuva lot harder than real running. I definitely want to add a regular cycling class to my cross-training schedule.

Today’s Tone to the Max class wasn’t too bad. We had an instructor-in-training, so the flow of the class wasn’t as smooth as it usually is, and she used too much equipment: Bosu ball, medicine ball, squishy-weighted ball, exercise ball, and dumbbells. The only thing we didn’t use was a body bar. I’m all about mixing it up, but let’s limit the equipment to an essential 2 or 3.

After TTTM, I took the Yoga for Athletes class, which I really enjoyed! I’d never taken an actual yoga class before, but it wasn’t a problem. We used our shoulders for a lot of the stances, and they were already tired from TTTM, but I don’t think I’ll let that stop me from taking the class in the future. I really need to work on my flexibility, and I think this just might do the trick.

So all these classes present a bit of a problem. If all continues to go well with my knee, I start my half-marathon training a week from Monday. During my training, I want to keep strength training (TTTM) and working on my flexibility (YFA). I know I should do some cross training (cycling and eventually swimming), and I want to do one day of speed work. Plus I have three other days of running (including a long run) to do. Am I being too ambitious? Can I drop a day of running for the cycling? Can cycling count for speed work? I feel like I need a trainer to tell me, “Do this. Don’t do that.” Advice, anyone?

A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.” — Joan Welsh


4 thoughts on “#93: A man's health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.

  1. Wow!! That’s quite a bit of stuff going on! My thoughts would be that:1) Cycling can’t truly replace speed work. It is a good supplement b/c it helps with overall turnover and such, but you need to do running speedwork to improve your running speed. 2) That being said cycling is an awesome form of cross-training especially like what you described. Normally I’d say you could cross-train on one of your “easy” running days. 3) Without knowing your training schedule I would say you could drop one easy day of running and put in a day of cycling. You should multiply the running miles by 3 to get an equivalent workout, but I’d say keep the cadence/pace at an easy level. 4) If you start to feel overwhelmed you could skip a day or two of the TTTM or YFA. Those are just some of my general thoughts without knowing a lot of details. PS. The best training for running a race is – running! What half are you training for?

  2. I just found this article from Runner’s World’s Ask Coach Jenny section. It says pretty much the same things that I did, but might be of interest.

  3. Ooohh, I’m in your boat! I have such a hard time fitting it all in – usually I just fall back on runnign and let all the rest slide! My training starts a week from Monday too! And my goal for this plan is to keep up the core work, strength and to fit in yoga. I’d love to see your final plan!! 😉

  4. I’d agree with crossn81 – cycling can’t replace speedwork, but would be a good substitute for an easy running day. If you need to cut something out, my inclination would be to cut out a day of the TTTM before anything else. If you’re going to run a half, I definitely wouldn’t go below 3 days a week of running.

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