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#69: The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain.

I ran yesterday! Yes, just three miles, but it was dark outside and blissfully chilly. My hip is feeling so much better than it was around the half marathon. But my knee hurts. It has hurt on every run since the half marathon. I admit that I pushed it last night, so I deserve all the pain I’ve been in since last night, but I’m starting to get concerned. I sent an e-mail to the Physician’s Assistant for his diagnosis (i.e. whether my symptoms are bad enough to warrant going to the doctor). I also entered my symptoms on and all of my symptoms match up with an ACL injury, though I don’t have all the symptoms listed for a serious ACL injury (just a minor one). The ACL explanation says there’s often a pop in the knee at the time of the injury, and that’s what I can’t figure out. I started having symptoms during the half marathon, but I can’t remember doing anything to injure myself! Now granted, I had some pain medicine in me during the race, but surely I would have felt or heard something.

I had a minor moment of freaking out this morning when I read all this. If this is indeed an ACL injury, a marathon this spring is probably out of the picture. That sucks, but I can deal with it as long as I can find something else to do physically. But instead of thinking about all that, I’ll just go home and do some strength training tonight and await word from the PA. That and watch the Biggest Loser, the Dancing with the Stars Finale, and work on my winter crochet project. More later…

“The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain.” — Karl Marx


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  1. Gosh, I hope it’s not an ACL injury. That would really stink. Have you heard back from the Physician’s Assistant yet?

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