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#63: Lack of discipline leads to frustration and self-loathing.

Three days after my half marathon with pain still present in my hip and hamstring, I dove off the deep end and started planning the training for my first marathon. If you’re familiar with the sitcom Friends, you’ll understand what I mean when I say I have Monica-like tendencies. I like to be organized, I like to have a plan, and I have a fetish for new office supplies.

Which marathon did I pick? The Country Music Marathon on April 26th in Nashville. I was shooting for a race a little earlier because I hate the thought of running when it’s potentially hot and humid, but I think it will be good to have extra training time this winter. The New Sarah and one or two other runners I know are putting it on their race calendars, and I figure it would be better to be hot and run with friends than to be at just the right temperature running alone.

Which training program did I pick? I like Mr. Higdon because he’s no-nonsense about his training plans and they’re really easy to tweak. Linden and I combined his novice and intermediate 10K training plans last spring; we had more time to train than he had planned, so we did the first half of the novice plan and the entire intermediate plan, sans speedwork.

I merged Mr. Higdon’s novice and intermediate marathon plans (viewable here). The novice plan starts next week and goes through the beginning of January and is four days a week. I switch to the intermediate plan in January and start running five days a week. This plan is pretty ambitious for me a couple of reasons:

First, I’ve never ran five days a week, but I want to challenge myself and see if I can do it. If in fact, I have less energy and am getting hurt after a few weeks of the five-day running, I’ll cut out the Fridays on the plan.

Second, I’m pretty sure that I re-strained my hamstring on Sunday and my hip and knee are still pretty sore, so I’m resolving to not run until everything on my left leg is better (aside from the Silver Dollar City Run to the Lights tomorrow night). Even though the plan starts on Monday, I’m OK with renegotiating the start time if I’m not better. I’ve also resolved to start strength training again when I’m healed up. A weak hamstring is probably what started all this trouble in the first place!

I know I’m borderline crazy for planning all of this so soon after my half, but I’m afraid that if I don’t have a plan, I won’t get anywhere. This will at least get me through the holidays, right?

“Lack of discipline leads to frustration and self-loathing.” — Marie Chapian