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#61: With self-discipline most anything is possible.

Friday. T minus 31 hours to start (yes, I realize I should be in bed). I turned in the final draft of my thesis to my readers, had the oil changed in my car, went to the grocery store, and spent some time snuggling on the couch while watching Oprah. Believe it or not, the turning in of my thesis caused some freaking outage, and I needed some time to veg.

I picked up my race packet at the fitness fair after I re-registered (it was misplaced, apparently). My number is 669. Went to dinner with friends at the Brew Co. and checked out a few galleries in the First Friday Art Walk. Stopped by Starbucks for a non-fat chai latte and headed home.

I know I’m supposed to relax and do nothing tomorrow, but I actually have quite a bit to do:

  • Sleep in
  • Vacuum living room, dining room, and kitchen (10 minutes of work—max)
  • Find the cat’s mice (at his request). I’ll probably find them when I move the couch to vacuum under it.
  • Clean up the kitchen
  • Launder Sunday’s race clothes—blue shorts, blue shirt, white fleece, socks, sports bra
  • Pin race number to my shorts and fill out race number emergency info
  • Pack Sunday’s gym bag—gels, Sports Beans, and Snicker’s Marathon Bar; Sport Shield; visor; sunglasses; headband/ear muffy thing; gloves; iPod
  • Visit Chris’s family for a few hours and get in a few games of canasta
  • Attend pasta dinner where Chris will finally meet the local news anchor in my training group
  • Veg

I know that’s a ton of tasks, but I’m pretty sure that getting my mind off Sunday’s task and not watching CSI reruns is best.

And here’s the picture of the OMRR training group from our meeting Monday night. I’m the girl near the second row with the black-and-white top. I’ll have full Saturday and Sunday reports eventually. Yikes! I can’t believe I’m about to do this. Runner’s really are a tad bit crazy.

“With self-discipline most anything is possible.” — Theodore Roosevelt