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#60: For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward.

I have so many things to talk about, I’m not sure anyone will actually get to the end of this post. In no particular order, I will get to the Nova Marathon Challenge, my hip, the new Sarah, my half-marathon clothing, and the art of visualization.

#1 Nova Marathon Challenge. I just finished it on PBS, and I am so pumped up for Sunday. Watching these new marathoners just got me excited about my first half. And of course, just like I do when I watch triathlons on Sunday afternoons, I bawled my eyes out as runner after runner came across the finish line. One gal’s finish was exactly how I want to finish on Sunday; she wasn’t out of steam at the end—she saw the finish line and she started hoofing it, passing runners left and right. In nearly all of my runs, I’ve been determined to finish with a kick, and I’m ready to kick some on Sunday.

#2 My hip. I talked to my pal Dallas, who is a PA for an orthopedic surgeon, about my hip, and based on my symptoms, he says it sounds like tendinitis. I’m taking it easy this week along with ice and Aleve. I should be fine for Sunday, but I’ll need to really recoup for a few weeks. That said, I think I’ll have to postpone my plans for the Little Rock Marathon and find one for later in March or in April.

#3 The new Sarah. All right, this one is a doozie and might be confusing. I’ll try to keep this simple. Ever since I started running, my gal pal Ashlynne has told me about her friend Sarah, who also runs in Springfield. She’s also told Sarah about me. Sarah and I have been too lazy to get in touch with one another until now. Last Friday, Linden sent an e-mail to our training group, encouraging us on our upcoming race and sharing her recent half marathon in Germany; she included a link to her blog in the e-mail. Sarah’s running buddy Lex went to Linden’s blog, found my blog, and started reading up on me, thinking that she and Sarah and I might all get along well. Lex tells Sarah about me, and Sarah started thinking that I sounded familiar and finally puts the whole puzzle together. And after all of this, we’ve been training with OMRR all summer—she and Lex on Saturdays and me on Sundays! We finally met at our training meeting last night. I’m frickin’ excited to have some new running buddies.

#4 My half-marathon wardrobe. In my last few runs this week, I’m testing my clothing for Sunday. So far, according to the forecast, mornings this week will be similar to race day, daylight savings time notwithstanding. Yesterday, I ran in tights, long-sleeved T, and heavy fleece with a headband and gloves. The fleece was way to much. Today, I ran in thinner yoga pants, a sleeveless top, and a light fleece. Better and a possibility. I think I know what I’ll wear on top, but I’m having problems with the bottoms. The last two mornings, even with tights or yoga pants, my bum and thighs are freezing! Other runners with more experience are telling me to wear shorts, but I don’t want to be miserably cold and layering on the bottom is so much more complicated than on type.

#5 The art of visualization. I’ve been using this week’s runs to visualize part of my race. While I don’t exactly have a favorite section of the course, I want to be strong the last 5K. Today, especially, I used the last half mile to imagine the final stretch, even the last ten yards up the Bass Pro ramp.

And I finished the second draft of my thesis. Just an edit, the abstract, and my acknowledgments, and I turn in the *FINAL DRAFT* to my readers. Yikes! Graduation is just weeks away!

OK, I think that’s all. Wow, good to get all that off my chest.

“For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward.” — Jim Rohn


5 thoughts on “#60: For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward.

  1. Ah the thesis. I am still slinking around my campus trying to avoid my program director hoping he doesnt say to me “Where are you at on your dissertation???” :)PS: I also cried during that special.

  2. Wow second draft of the thesis – you are almost there! Yay!Visualization is an amazing tool – I hope it brings you lots of help and success!!

  3. Good luck in your upcoming race! I remember being so nervous before my first half-marathon. I went back and forth on what I was going to wear during my recent marathon, but it was like 60 degrees so I didn’t have to deal with the cold factor. I recommend layering heavily on top and going with shorts (and maybe running tights). What I’ve gathered from my training runs and races is that it is better to be cold than hot. Good luck!

  4. You are going to do awesome on Sunday. You’re familiar with the course, water stops, and potty breaks. And you’ll have an awesome team of Athletic Supporters, er, Race Chasers, there to cheer you on! I’ll be thinking of you and praying for you from here… it’s just all going to be great!The New Sarah story still cracks me up! 🙂

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