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#40: There is no wealth but life.

I’m writing a lot of “best of Google Reader” posts this week, but I like identifying keyword themes in my reading (and hopefully, you do, too). I use my cell phone as much as anyone, but these articles made me consider actually turning the darn thing off when I’m supposed to be healing, relaxing, and/or sleeping. That will be a paradigm shift: turning off the stress inducer to reduce stress…

Cell Phones in Hospitals: Bad Rx” “We’re all guilty of using our cell phones in off-limits areas. But a new study shows that in hospitals they can be hazardous to medical equipment”

A Caribbean Resort Bans Cell Phones “Maybe a cell phone free zone, but not allowing guests to use mobiles, laptops or PDAs within a half mile of the resort’s beach is a bit over the top. Since when were laptops considered so distractive? I guess if you are looking for an escape from modern technology, this is the place for you. I think I’d be voted off that island in no time.”

Can’t Sleep? Turn Off the Cell Phone! “Three studies examine Americans’ sleep deprivation, pointing to cell phones and work as chief culprits, and the consequences of sleeplessness for kids”

“There is no wealth but life.” — John Ruskin