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#30: Fear is a great motivator.

This video came across my Google Reader over the weekend, and I almost cried when I watched it. “On Courage” captured so much of what I think running—and life— requires. Just as it takes courage to sign up for my first marathon, it takes courage to dream about what my life could be like, if I truly allowed myself to dream.

More than courage, though, running and life take action. Dreaming about that first marathon won’t help me on race day—tenaciously lacing up my shoes and putting in the miles will. Dreaming with my head in the clouds all day won’t accomplish much unless I also keep my feet on the ground and keep moving forward. Life in the clouds is grand, but putting one foot in front of the other and taking action truly takes courage.

“Fear is a great motivator” — John Treacy


One thought on “#30: Fear is a great motivator.

  1. Sarah,No idea you even knew I had a blog…I had better watch what I write now! :)I’m gathering you’re a runner…something I definitely am not…Maybe someday, I’ll run a half-marathon…but I better work on a mile first!

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